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New Legacy

I finally got Fraps, yay! To celebrate this acquisition, I decided to start a new legacy, which hopefully won't crash and burn like the last one did. :|

Anyways, blah blah blah, let's get the show on the road:

This be our founder, Amanda Mulberry. She has a big nose. That means I'm less shallow than you, LOL.

And what a graceful entrance into the legacy she makes.

This is Frog, the greatest sim dog ever. True story. She might just possibly be the founder of a doglacy on the side someday if I ever man up and download a lotfullofsims hack. :|

fetch iz srs bzns.

Standard shot of the starter shack, which I know you are all dying to see. LOL, I totally used money cheats.


ZOMGBARF, it's all color-coordinated and purple-y.

Because she is a whore with no career-related LTW has no preference, Amanda gets a job as a record store clerk. The other job tracks available, Military and LE, paid more, but her lazy ass shuns body points.

Welcome Wagon!

We have the very photogenic Florence Delarosa, Checo Ramirez (whose contacts I obviously removed from my downloads folder, heh), and BIGFOOT!

After greeting Bigfoot and steadfastly ignoring the other two, the obligatory water balloon fight soon commenced.

There were many lulz to be had.

I love when you get vacation memories without having to go on a stupid vacation.

Amanda: Hey, SimGod just remembered I can't have any romantic interactions with you. So this is really nothing more than a sim episode of Beauty and the Beast. I mean, yeah, Vincent's really cool and all, but once you realize that they're never going to let him and Catherine be a couple or even kiss for real...what's the point? Bo-ring. So...laters.

Unknown Townie: Is your muffin buttered?
Amanda: What?
Unknown Townie: Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?
missfnb: O___o

Being a trusting, naive sim, Amanda decides to accept Random Skeezy Townie's invitation to butter her muffin go downtown.

Perfect timing, as always. (I can't be the only one whose pets always decide to pee in the house just as soon as their sim gets in the car to go downtown.)

Hmm, you know, for a skeezy perv, this guy sure is a looker.

Also, in the group, Marisa Bendett, Amin Sims, and Solveig McLellan... (Why, oh why, do I know those names off the top of my head?), interesting looking gentleman. LOL, fug.


Amanda: *horf* Even in this lighting, that bartender is hideous!

Amanda: Gonna get lucky to-night!

Amanda: Know what I'm sayin', hot stuff? ;)

Wow, that's...embarrassing.

Unfortunate-Looking Townie: Dude, your founder's a loser.
missfnb: Hey, shut it!

What is with the freakshow staff in this joint?

Amanda: Wow, it sure is a pleasant, peaceful evening.

I don't know what you're being so emo about, it kind of looks like she dumped it all on herself.

Amanda: I don't know why, but I think I'm supposed to talk about balls a lot.
LOL, balls r funny.

I think you all know what's coming. Don't try to avoid it. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, beeyotches.

DJ-ing spam:


ULT: Bitch is crazy.
missfnb: QUIET, YOU!

This is her "I'm being blocked for no apparent reason by the DJ booth even though there's plenty of room for me to move" face. It looks quite similar to mine, actually.

Finally managing to free herself from the DJ Booth of Doom, she got rid of the group and high-tailed it out of there to another hotspot. Which apparently employs the same staff as the first. O_o

Amanda: Ooh, piccies!

Oh, she seems to have spotted a potential babydaddy date! Let's watch...

If that's not sexy, I don't know what is.

Dominique: I'm a specialist.
Amanda: LOL, I don't even know what that is!
LOL, she's on drugs.

Dominique: Um, no, I will NOT give you a friendly hug even though we have more than enough relationship points to warrant one!
missfnb: Stick in the mud much? I think it's time to call it a day, Amanda.

Even after a long night of hunting for the mens, she makes a mean macaroni and cheese. *is proud*


Well, well, look who it is. Everyone's favorite Romance sim, Don Lothario. How utterly convenient. :D

[insert naughty commentary here] LOL, pearl necklace.

I wish this game was as fun in real life as it obviously is to sims. :| This was also the moment that Amanda discovered her OTH, games! Yay, now I know what it is so I can ignore it completely!

When opportunity knocks, you come running.

Drugging Smooth talking your date = win.

Am I the only one that loves to watch sims slow dance? *sigh*



After a brief interlude during which Frog was scolded, pee was mopped up, and dirty dishes were washed, these two went back at it heavy. Thanks, ACR. :D

Don: Hey, bb, I am warm for your form!

No sexxin this time, but Don was already whipped. This happened literally like, 30 seconds after the date ended. He left the lot then immediately showed back up with flowers. That's so cute and not at all stalker-y! ^_^


Amanda: Eff.

Amanda: *wibblewibble*

Walkby: *snicker* What a fucking crybaby!
missfnb: HEY! >:O

It's okay, bunny, don't cry! D: *pets*

To cheer herself up, Amanda asks out Dominique again. Because who can resist that sexxy face paint?

As dorky as sim dance moves are, I'd probably be lying if I said mine were any cooler. By the way, this is the point of the date where her face got stuck for several minutes.



I'd be freaked out too, Dominique. O_o

Amanda: Hey, babeh.

Oh, thank God you're back to normal, Amanda. Time to make your move...

Dominique: I can't believe you'd try to smooch me! I don't roll that way, missy, I have moral standards!

Amanda: lolwut?

He may be a hypocritical prude (he actually has a live-in girlfriend!), but you gotta admit he's pretty freakin' adorable.

After dinner, Amanda and Dominique headed to the salon because I couldn't stand looking at that ridiculous face paint any longer.

I know you're tired, dear, but that stuff on his face has GOT to come off. Suck it up.

Soooo much better. I can't wait for you two to have gorgeous, gigantic-nosed children. :D

Good date.

Alright, well, not THAT good, Dominique.

This went down right as they were leaving. That guy's one of the hairstylists. I didn't even know that could happen. XD

Amanda: Uh...not a bad day.

***Author's Notes***
1) Coming up next on The Mulberry Legacy, GENERATION TWO! But who will be the daddy? Stay tuned...
2) Does anyone know of any good default Bigfoot skins or at the very least, some replacement eyes? Because I love Bigfoot...but he sure is one ugly sumbitch in his natural state.
3) Comments would be most appreciated as well as constructive criticism. :)
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