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The Mulberry Legacy 2.2

Need to catch up?
1.1 // 2.1

Previously on The Mulberry Legacy...
Amanda Mulberry and Don Lothario fell in love and did some woohooing. Which of course resulted in the birth of the first child of gen two, Tessa. They hired the nanny of DOOM, and then promptly fired her. Don stopped by for a visit and autonomously bonded with his daughter, much to the surprise and glee of his SimGoddess. Then, with a knack for perfect timing, Tessa grew up into a very cute (but very similar to her mother) toddler. The next morning, Amanda showed symptoms of being knocked up again. Oh, and Frog continued to be awesome.

Did I mention that Frog is awesome? I had never even seen this interaction before. I nearly lost my mind out of sheer delight. Such squeeing the world has never heard.

This would be cuter if it didn't look she was trying to suffocate herself. Also, if Frog wasn't reeking with stink. :|

...I don't remember why I took this shot. I think it must have been to demonstrate how much of a mini-me Tessa is.

In case you'd forgotten, Amanda is preggers. :D

Being pretty desperately low on funds, Amanda invites Don over and promptly asks him to move in. He brings one of his dogs, Freddie, with him (sorry, Don's first live-in girlfriend, Solveig, you're S.O.L.). Could Freddie potentially be Frog's puppydaddy?

I guess not. (This actually happened like, two minutes after they moved in.)

Way to send poor Freddie off, guys. Really. Very respectful.


missfnb: I fired you, you whore! GTFO.
Don: *elbows FNB* We'll no longer be needing your services, thanks.

Prepare yourselves for a lot of "DON-IS-THE-BEST-DADDY-EVAH-ZOMG" pictures this update. *sigh*


These pictures are so lame. But...POP! :D

Despite being a kickass dad and live-in boyfriend, Don Lothario is still first and foremost a whore. I wouldn't normally bother with his LTW (WooHoo 20 Sims), but he was already about halfway there...and I love him. So, off he goes on his date with...

Stephen Tinker. LOLOLOLOL.

Don: *whispers sweet nothings*

Well, looks like those nothings worked. O_o

Of course they were both obsessed with wanting to pillow fight, time-honored first date tradition that it is.

Uh...I really don't think you're doing it right, fellas.

Don: Lothario don't fuck around when it comes to pillow fights, son.
missfnb: Yeah, message received, man. Loud and clear.

We interrupt this pillow-fight-turned-death-match for a HOT TOWNIE ALERT.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Stephen Tinker: I feel like a pretty, pretty princess!
missfnb: *gigglefit*

FINALLY. Enough of this slow dancing ish.

Stephen Tinker: Wait, what did we get in the car for? ...Don? ...SimGoddess? O_O
missfnb: >:)

Even if you hadn't seen the above shot, you could probably figure out what went down just from Don's post-coital pimp strut. Oh, yeah.

missfnb: SRSLY, NANNY.
Don: Your dedication is admirable, but really, we no longer require your services.

Stop it, you two, I can't take it! :D

*po...GOOD GOD.


*sigh* plz live 4ever, Don.

Amanda: Groove = on.

Amanda: Consider yourself officially pwned, Invisible Opponent.

Oh, jumped out of your chess game to ooh and ah over the rain? You're not even near a window!

...oh, yeah. I forgot to put a roof over the house last time it was renovated. My bad. *sheepish*


Amanda: Is it supposed to be red? Oh, well, I'm sure it's fine. *shrugs*
missfnb: Um...


Here be your random Amanda face of the update.
Amanda: Hey, tv. o_~

Another first for me. I didn't know dogs could "sing" along to the stereos!

Shoe. effing. flee.
Sidenote: No lie, "Be My Baby" came on the radio (the actual sim radio in the game) like, two seconds before she went into labor. ~spooky~

*spares you labor pics*

Another girl. Same exact coloring as Tessa. *sigh* I was hoping for green eyes this time. :( Anyhoo, her name is Cassandra. (FIGURED OUT MY NAMING THEME YET, ANYONE?)

Tessa seems pretty pleased about her new baby sister.

*gets down with bad self* LOL, invizabel steering wheel.

/more spam
Get over it.

Don gets a mustache. Because it amuses me (and him apparently).

Heh. Caption unnecessary.

Frog's social bar was constantly in the yellow, so along comes...
BANDIT. (Naming theme here too.)

Don: I haz a puppy! :D


Amanda: Here, hon, can you take the baby?
Don: Uh, sure, why?

Amanda: No reason.

No matter. Daddy Don will take care of it. *dies a little inside*

Her daughters having seemingly no genetic variations betwixt them, Amanda calls up her old flame, Dominique Kearney for a date.

They went to one of my OFB shops, but this is irrelevant, because...

Dominique was asked out for one purpose and one purpose only.


Even though Amanda and Don are living together now, the magic is not gone, I assure you.

One last super-cute-doggie-toddler spam before...

This shot is reminding me of the scene at the end of Beauty and the Beast where Beast turns back into a man. /Disney geek

She still resembles her mom a little too closely for my tastes.

But cor blimey, ain't she cute?!

Post-makeover. Look at that schnoz! It is a thing of glory.

Cute she may be, but ladylike she is not. O_o

Amanda: *RAWR*
missfnb: What an excellent tub-fixing technique, dear.
Amanda: QUIET, YOU! Don't make me show you my excellent ass-kicking technique!
missfnb: *cowers*

You know, Maxis, we get it. Dirty diapers are stinky. You don't need the swarm of flies to get that across. *shakes head*

Because of Tessa's OTH of Sports, I bought this big ass basketball court. Only to realize just after midnight that it makes the energy bar drop like nobody's business. Is shooting hoops really that tiring? Dropped the ball again, Maxis. /downer


This shot is boring, yes, but I left it in because this is actually the first time I've had a sim child put their homework on the desk where it belongs. You rock, Tessa. Carry on.

Another day, another date for ol' Don. This time it's Dina (?) Caliente.

plz to be publick sexxin nao, kthnxbai.

This waitress chick, Julie Gast, comes over to cheer even though according to Don's relationship panel, they're in love.

However, this guy (Amin Gonzaga, I think?) is not down with that shit.
Julie Gast in the background: God, that was so awesome. Don's the best!

I'm not gonna lie. This shot is actually a little frightening to me. I wouldn't fuck around with this dude if I were you, Don. O_O

Um, a little late to the party, Checo.

Aw, she looks so serene, right?
Well, that's because she was glitched as a sumbitch. She lay there like that for days. She didn't move at all, save blinking from time to time. No one could interact with her at all, even to move her. It kind of creeped me out, so I just ignored her until her birthday. At which point, desperate measures had to be taken. LOL, moveobjects on.

And that's the story of the floating baby.


And I'm totally going to leave you hanging because I'm evil like that. >:D


  • Will little Cassandra be a cute toddler? Will she look ANY different from Tessa?

  • Bandit grows up, yay!

  • Don continues to whore it up.

  • Don also continues to be the sexiest Rock God ever.

  • MOAR gen two!

Stay tuned! :D

As always, comments, constructive criticisms, etc., are much appreciated. And feel free to WATCH this community for updates. :)
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