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Woot, first post!

Okay, first let me just get this off my chest: While this is one of those "legacy" story family dealios, I'll be honest, I don't feel particularly bound by the rules. I mean, I haven't broken any of the big ones yet, but I'm not above breaking them in the future. So if you're the anal-retentive type about legacy rules, you probably shouldn't read any further. :)

Now, let's get down to business. Allow me to introduce you to...*drumroll*...THE MORROWS!

A couple notes before we get started:
1) I'm sorry a lot of these pictures are so dark and ugly. I hadn't really experimented with lighting and I didn't even know about cameraman mode yet. I also had already uploaded the pics to photobucket before I figured out how to brighten them. :/ Just bear with me, I promise it'll be better in the next update.
2) The accompanying text to each pic will always be on top, because that makes more sense to me, and hopefully to you.
3) The next updates will have less pics (but again, better) as well, as I became much choosier/more competent with picture taking later on.

First things first, here is the obligatory shot of our lovely founder, one Amandine Morrow. She has default replacement skintone1 and dark blue eyes, and cute-as-a-button freckles. (Sidenote: I actually adapted her from an aborted attempt to make a Cybill Shepherd lookalike to do a "Moonlighting" family.)

Since I fail at life, and didn't scrounge up one of those shiny photoshopped stat pics, I'll just list them here over another boring shot:

Amandine Morrow
8 Sloppy/Neat
3 Shy/Outgoing
5 Lazy/Active
4 Serious/Playful
5 Grouchy/Nice

A FAMILY sim, who wants to become an Education Minister. She likes hard-working, raven-haired fellas, but not so much with the werewolves.

The welcome wagon is taking its sweet-ass time showing up, so I get our little Miss Amandine a job. And wif a lil' bit o' luck, we manage to score an education job on the very first day! *fistpump*

Still no welcome wagon, but who should come jogging by but a townie we all know, Joe Carr.

Amandine: Ooh, me like!

Well, what could be a better ice breaker than a little joke?

Apparently, lots of things. (I love this shot. She's so emo! XD ) Anyhoo, we send Joe packing. Who wants to woohoo date a guy with no sense of humor?

Still no sign of a welcome wagon, so Am heads down to the neighborhood pet store and waits for some tasty menfolk to appear.

Except that they don't. Literally, 4 or 5 sims showed up and they were all girls. But Amandine doesn't seem to notice or care as she entertains herself by playing peekaboo with a wormrat for a couple of hours. Bless her, she's so cute. :D

The serious lack of sausage guys is starting to annoy me at this point, so we head on down to the only other community lot I've gotten around to adding to this nabe, which is an outdoor cafe. The first 2 or 3 sims to show up are female, again. The first male to arrive is this guy. "That is Beardy." (Muchos kudos to you if you get that reference.)

Am is starting to get pretty hungry at this point so I order her something cheap from the menu as she and the waitress argue over the finer points of Harry Potter. (I don't have a pic of it, but a few minutes later that bi-otch spilled food all over Amandine. Not cool.)

Still no potential babydaddies, so what's a girl to do? Why, go fishin', of course! (This is obviously not relevant to anything, I just heart this picture a lot.)


OMGYAY! Finally, a man! Oh, crap, it's that stick-in-the-mud, Joe Carr again. >:(

Ooh, here's a tasty treat! But as luck would have it, he's married.

The next guy to show up is the exterminator, which is so random I actually laughed. I don't think he even stopped on the lot, now that I think about it. He just walked down the sidewalk scowling and pounding his fist, as exterminators do.

Another old guy. Meh.

Amandine: I want him.
Go figure. I guess one woman's crusty old geezer is another woman's sexy...old geezer.

My Amandine knows the way to get a man's attention.

And that is with the always hilarious (to Sims) soap-in-the-fountain prank.

And we have success ladies and gentleman! The silver fox (whose name also turns out to be Joe, coincidentally) gets up from his dinner to check out the now sudsy fountain.

So after some very lively chatter about videogames...

Amandine busts out the old knock knock jokes again.

And he totally gets it. :)

A little flirting goes down.

And we find out Joe is unemployed, and possibly homeless. O_o

Amandine: I think this is going well.
(I wish there was a way I could virtually pinch her cheeks; she's so darn cute!)

After a very long night of scoping out the hombres, Amandine arrives home mid-morning, due to the very peculiar time-space-continuum at work in the Simverse. And of course, as soon as she hops in the shower, the gd welcome wagon finally shows up. >:(

Including Kennedy Cox, some random sim I made a long time ago, and that yummy piece of mancandy at the bottom, whose genetics I'd love in this legacy, but unfortunately, he's got a wife and twin toddlers at home, and I don't like to wreck my happy little family units. Oh well.

As soon as Am gets out of her shower, she shoos away those lazy wagoners. Amandine don't play that game, y'all! Then it's time for bed.

Waking up in the late afternoon, she takes care of a little business (you know...on the toilet), and then calls up our new suitor for a date.

No, Am, don't bother getting dressed for your date. By all means, go outside in your next-to-nothingness and pet the nice kitty. *rolls eyes*

Amandine: OMGYAY, RAIN! Sweet.

Right as Amandine's ride shows up, Kitty starts tearing up the couch. He's got good timing, I'll give him that.

First order of business: TICKLE FIGHT! :D

Next order of business: A little gossiping about that clumsy wench that works at the cafe.

Things seem to be rolling along merrily, with the blowing of kisses and floating crush hearts, and things of that nature.

Meanwhile, this unsavory gentleman appears...

And Amandine and Joe engage in that time-honored first date tradition of the pillowfight.

Oh yeah, this is going good. :)

Not exactly the most ideal first date weather...

Oh dear, this doesn't look good.

Geez, Am, don't try to help him or anything. Just stand there and look on while he gets his wallet filched.

Well, the unpleasantness of this last little encounter is swept aside as Joe and Amandine begin what surely must be a fascinating conversation about entomology...

When THIS happens!


Amandine: Oh man, I don't feel so good!
Yeah, no shit, you just got struck by lightning! :O

Joe: Aw, geez, what's up with your hygiene, lady? Don't you ever shower? Yuck!
Poor little dear. I sent her off to the loo, since her bladder was obviously in the red after all this.

Joe: WTF? Is it raining?!

Joe: Son of a gun, it is raining! Well, how do you like that?

Oh, so close, yet so far. :(

*chuckles* I love how lightning struck and electrocuted sims look like chimps. :D

Amandine: Well, I might look like a chimp, but at least my breath is still fresh. There's nothing in my teeth, either, so...yeah, I'm still good.

Oh, who are you kidding, girlie? You stank something fierce!

See? Even random townie walking down the street can smell you from outside!

Well, Joe dumped her ass as soon as she piddled on the floor, so I thought it was best to call it a night at this point.

Amandine: *sniff*

To make matters worse, when we get home, kitty is still going apeshit on the sofa.

But Am is in desperate need of consolation after her date, so we let it slide.

Later that night, as Amandine is fixing her dinner, Joe stops by.
Oh, goody, he's brought us a gift! Wait, I've never seen sims carry their presents in paper bags before...

And they definitely don't set their gifts on fire on the porch...

Wait a tic...did he bring us...? Is that...

Oh, gross! That grotty old bastard! >:(
(Actually, I'd never seen this happen before, so I was both pissed on Am's behalf, and laughing my ass off on my behalf.)

Flaming bag of poo incident behind us, Am and I decide to give Joe another shot. I like his gumption. And Am just thinks he's hot.

So they do a little dancing.

Some hand-lowering occurs.

Joe: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, filly, let's just ease up there!

Needing to cool down a bit to respect Joe's prudish sensibities, Amandine cooks a scrumptious dinner, and they park it on the couch since we can't afford a table yet.

The next night, Joe is invited over again, and after a rousing game of rock, paper, scissors, Amandine asks him to move in. And he accepts, of course! (He still can't believe his lucky stars that he was able to score such a hot, young piece.)

So, after the mandatory makeover...

Those crazy lovebirds get cracking on generation two!

And that's where we leave off, folks. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, and again, I promise the pics will be brighter, better, and at least slightly fewer in the next update.

Stay tuned for the next generation... :)
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