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The Mulberry Legacy 2.1

Well, I'm feeling kind of crappy today, so this update's pretty bland in my opinion, but I needed to get it posted. So, here it is. *apologetic shrug*

Previously on The Mulberry Legacy...
We met our founder, Amanda Mulberry and her dog, Frog. Amanda went trolling for some mens and was nearly unsuccessful until she met Dominique Kearney. She brought home Don Lothario from work and proceeded to woo him, but didn't "seal the deal," as the kids say.

Yeah, by the way, Frog is still awesome.

OHAI, sneaky!Dominique!


Oh, this boy's a keeper.

Being unwilling to sell her new piano in order to eat, Amanda sets to doing what all poor founders with BV do...DIGGIN'.
On her first two tries, she gets the maps to the Hidden Burrow and the Pagoda in the Shadows (or whatever it's called). Am I alone in thinking that the maps should be a little rarer?
5th try = Mysterious Hut. Whatever.

Amanda continues to kick your founder's ass by digging up my very first buried treasure EVER! *squee*
By the way, treasure chests = HILARITY, in case you didn't know.

And with the 5000 simoleons we get for it, Amanda gets her very own private, grown-up bedroom!

Oh, yeah. Amanda got a new job. *snicker*
Amanda: Shut it!

Amanda: How the hell am I ever going to get someone to french me in this ridiculous costume?

Jodie Larson gets my vote for Most Awkward-Looking Maxis Made Sim. Just, really, what happened there?

Bushes make Amanda emo, apparently. She's probably just sick of all my color-coordinating.

Later, our Mr. Lothario is invited over for secks a date.
missfnb: Pleasemakebabiespleasemakebabies.

Yeah, yeah, you're both Hottie McTotties, that's nice. But let's get this thing going, please.

Amanda: You are soooo meeeee. Can't you se-e-e-e?

Date spam!

Grab-ass equals love. Makes perfect sense to me.

Amanda: Hey, bb, let's get down to bzns.
missfnb: babiesbabiesbabies

I suppose there won't be much genetic diversity between the two of you, but gosh darn it, I bet you'll make pretty chilluns.

This is what woohoo looks like. ...looks painful. O_o

Amanda: OMG, that was so great, BEST TIME EVER! :D

Don: Um...yeah.


Don: I wonder if she'll notice if I just leave?

Unfortunately for Don, I heard no baby jingle, so his escape is quickly thwarted. >:)

Don: Love machines need food too, baby.
missfnb: Well, no one told you to play the piano.

Amanda is a mime now. Sidenote: Which is creepier, clowns or mimes? I'm going to have to go with mimes. Their silence unnerves me.

Frog spots a potential babydaddy!

Elder Brandi Broke is looking very well put together, by the way.

Stupid mimes. At least she didn't actually have any body points to lose.

YAY, BABIES! Also, gross.

Thanks, sugar daddy!

Puke #2.

Aaaand...puke #3. *feels kind of guilty*

:O *SUPERPOP* I swear this is the first pop.

Yeah, you're grinning now, but just you wait, sweet pea.

The fabulous life of a single mother-to-be.

Second!Pop with a side of pink dust!

This was pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen. Frog was asleep in the dog house, and as soon as Amanda fed the wolf a treat, Frog woke up and begged for one too. I'd never seen that before! ^_^

Amanda: Shoeflee?!

Wow, that looks horrible. Babiesbabiesbabies.

This would be a supercute picture, but I just keep giggling at Amanda's nose in the center.

But anyways, meet generation two first-born, Tessa Mulberry. Black hair (of course), grey eyes, and I think skintone 2. I can never tell on babies.

She seems to be generally perplexed as to the purpose of this little creature, but she's actually a fairly good mom who require little prompting. Which is pretty new to me. Most of my sims are kind of shit parents. :|


Wait, what? Could it be?

A nanny who is not a dumbass and who does her job?! :O

...nope. Just a regular nanny, then.

Tessa is something of a demon child, methinks. She cried and cried and CRIED all the time for no apparent reason.

Oh, no, go ahead. Play the piano. Don't mind, you know, the SLEEPING BABY.

Continuing her pattern of uselessness, the nanny spent about two sim hours trying to interact with the dog. Only to be slapped in the face with my handy boolprop PetActionCancel true. *muahahaha*

missfnb: Have you tried, um, LOOKING RIGHT BEHIND YOU?


This shot is to show that by the time she actually decided to take care of the baby, her ride home was pulling up. Ugh.


Yes, she's the most beautiful baby, but do not be fooled.


I'm not sure why he's sneaking, but it amuses me nonetheless.

Baby #2, if you please.

I swear, I did not know the baby was in the room the whole time. O_O At least she appears to have slept through it.

Amanda: We're going to have another baby, isn't that great?!

Don: I'm sorry, what now?

Amanda: MOARBABIEZ, silly! *crazy eyes*

Amanda: Psst, do you think I'm scaring him off?

Um, maybe a bit, dear.

/random funny face ^_^

Autonomous Father-Daughter Interaction FTW!

You know, I told myself I wouldn't move Don in, but they're such a cute, happy little family, I don't think I can resist.

I literally did a double-take when I saw this guy's name. Jin Halpert. If you don't watch The Office, this will make no sense to you, but it makes me happy.

Meanwhile, back in the house, it's birthday time! WOOT!


I'm underwhelmed. :|

She's better after a makeover, but she appears to be a total clone of her mother. Meh.

5 Sloppy/Neat
8 Outgoing
8 Active
5 Serious/Playful
4 Grouchy

Amanda: Ugh, WHAT has this child been eating?
missfnb: Um, milk?

Father-daughter bonding spam!


Don: What the hell is wrong with this thing?! MAKE IT STOP!

Understandably, he left soon after this picture was taken, even though he'd been asked to spend the night.

Now, I'll leave you with a typical morning in the Mulberry household:

Amanda: *sings Happy Working Song*
Tessa: *screams lungs out*


  • Will Don Lothario move in?

  • Will the next born be as much of a pain in the ass as Tessa was as an infant?!

  • Will Frog continue to be the cutest sim dog of all time?

  • Will someone figure out my naming theme?

  • Stay tuned!
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