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Episode Two

The Morrows keep on truckin'! :D

Need to catch up?

Let's start this thing off with a bang makeover! Amandine debuts her new look. (Joe likes the carrot-tops. More on that a little later.)

I missed the first pop, but here's Joe making an ass of himself in front of Am's belly.

Not wanting his firstborn child to be a little bastard, Joe does the right thing. Getting down on bended knee,

And presenting a ginormous rock, Joe asks Amandine to be his wife, until he dies for better or worse.

After a brief inspection of the ring,

Am accepts! :D

*dies from unbearable adorableness*

WTF is this face, Am?

Oh, POP! Just one more step closer to generation two...

Papa Joe doesn't have a real job, only one of those useless slap-in-the-face Elder jobs, so I put him to work around the house. Which is nice. But not as nice as some money would be. :(

Speaking of which, I set him to digging for treasure in the front yard. Alas, he finds a bone, a bone, another bone, a water main, a Hidden Burrow map for Three Lakes (OMGYAY!), and a rock. Yippee. But at least I'm able to sell the bones and rock for a couple hundred simoleons. Better'n nuthin.

By the way, here's some stats for Papa Joe:

Joe Graham

7 Sloppy/Neat
4 Shy
1 Lazy/Active
8 Serious/Playful
5 Grouchy/Nice

His lifelong Fortune sim dream is to become a Criminal Mastermind (yeah, good luck with that one); he's got the hots for redheaded, bespectacled ladies, but he's not into the whole rubenesque look.



Meet Broderic Morrow! He's got a mix of his parents' skintones, and his mother's hair and eyecolor. He's also cute as a freakin' button!

Joe checks to make sure his wife's body is still good. (This is literally the first thing they did after the baby was born. I was dying.)

I love simkitties. That is all.

Joe takes care of baby Broderic. And does a pretty damn good job of it, too, with very little prompting. *wipes away tear*

They grow up so fast! Thank God. (It also helps that as soon as I get that "One day to Baby's birthday" notice, I buy a cake. I'm not about to wait another 24 hours just to watch in frustration as my sims try and fail to help baby grow up 40 times.)

Will he be cute?!



Meh, that's slightly better. I hate toddler hairs.

This has nothing to do with anything, I just always get a kick out of this. I wish my cat could do that.

Okay, I have no idea why I don't have any pictures of Broderic's toddlerhood. But toddlers are boring as ass anyways, so whatevs.
By the way, am I the only one whose boy sims always get the pink pjs? I feel like I've never had a boy grow up into one of the more masculine sets. :/

Oh my God, I already love him too much! Do all sim kids have that little gap in the front of their teeth? How am I just noticing that now?!

I started to give him a makeover, because I wasn't sure about that custom hair, but I couldn't bring myself to change anything but his eyebrows. It doesn't matter, though, because he's so goddamn adorable. *pinches cheeks*

Broderic Morrow

7 Sloppy/Neat
4 Shy
9 Lazy/Active (Don't know where that one came from.)
8 Serious/Playful
1 Grouchy
/Nice >:)

His first want is to buy a lemonade stand, and because I am powerless to resist him, I cave and buy him one. He then rolls "sell lemonade." I smell a future Fortune sim!
His first customer is this bimbo who feels a summer dress is appropriate attire for the dead of winter. *headdesk*

Amandine is itching to be made an honest woman of, and they're poor (plus, weddings are a royal pain in my ass), so a simple exchanging of bands in the snow will have to suffice.

But these crazy lovebirds don't care about a real wedding anyway.

All they need is love. *barfs from the sweetness*

Okay, we're married now. Time to suck face!

I love how completely random sims are about waving. We just got married and made out. *waves*

Okay, it's nice that you're newlyweds and all, but it's time to get down to teh babymaking. kthanxbai. (Alas, though, no post-coital lullaby this time.)

The next night, I send Am back down to the cafe to scope out some new prospects. Papa Joe ain't gonna live forever, you know. (This waitress girl is still bitchy as hell. *hatehatehate*)

Doesn't it seem like all sims are hopelessly attracted to Ben Long? Is it just me?

I'm getting a serious case of deja vu. WTF is up with this lot and lightning?!

Amandine keeps swooning over Ben Longnose, so I allow her to go on the hunt.
Amandine: Baby, I'm like Taco Bell...I'll spice up your night.

Oh, great, he's poor.

They've already got 3 bolts, though. And if there's anything I love, it's 3 bolt couples. :)

Nerd alert!

Obligatory shot of the Ben Long profile:

Ben: Hey, is it raining?
Me: Oh, great, another Einstein.

Amandine: Uh, Ben? My eyes are up here.

After her enchanting evening out with Ben (Hooray for not getting struck by lightning!), Am comes home and does the nasty with her hubby. Seriously twisted.

And this time it works! (Wonder what Freud would have to say about that?)


Joe has a sympathy POP a few minutes later. You know what they say, the couple that gets fat together, stays together.

See, I told you. They've still got major hots for one another. *awwww*

Y'all, that can't be good for the baby! :O

Yeah, you know what really hits the spot after sex in a car with your pregnant spouse? Why, making and selling lemonade, of course! ^_^

Joe: Oh look, a visitor.

Aw, he's about to die and all he can think of is his beloved wife! D: You're breaking my heart, Joe!


At least I managed to secure him a platinum tombstone. :(

Aw, bunny, don't cry! (God, I hate sim deaths. They make me so emo.)

They don't seem to effect Amandine, though. What's wrong with you, you robot?! >:(

That's better.

"There are five stages to grief, which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance." If I can get her depressed, then I'll have done my job.

This boring shot is just to establish that I redid the kitchen and finally got some decent lights with Joe's life insurance money. Amandine scored $20,000 and Brod received $7,200. Sweet.


Brod kicks ass at life. This was after his second day at school. And his dad just kicked the bucket. So suck. on. that.

Am invites Ben over, and this is how she greets him. Your husband just died yesterday! HIS BODY'S NOT EVEN COLD YET, YOU SKANK!

I somehow managed to accidentally click on "Propose...Move In."

And he actually said yes. He must be desperate. he desperately in love? (You see what I did there? Huh?! ;) It was like a pun or something!) Anyhoo, he added $2,146 to the household. Not too terribly bad.

Ben: Hold this chick pregnant?
Me: Oh, well spotted.

He's equipped with the standard ReNuYu potion, so I make him chug it to get his lame turn-on/offs straight.

Benjamin Long

2 Sloppy/Neat
3 Shy/Outgoing
9 Lazy/Active
4 Grouchy

He's a Knowledge sim (boooring) who aspires to become a Mad Scientist. He likes four-eyed ladies that sport strong B.O. (changed to Makeup), but he's not down with undies. "For me, a woman looks best when she is just absolutely naked." (The anti-underwear turn-off was also switched to something not lame.)

He gets the requisite makeover, and...SURPRISE, he's super-duper-cute! Look at that goofy grin. *gigglefit*

Aww, this is so cute. Except, again...JOE JUST DIED!
Amandine: Honey, he ain't gonna get any deader.
Me: So disrespectful.

Uh...can I help you with something? O_o

Yay, the baby is coming! Ben, go rip up some sheets and boil some water!

Ben: Why me?!

And that's all for this installment, y'all. Stick around for the next episode! :D

Comments are made of pure, unrefined love (/hint-hint), and any tips, suggestions, or advice would also be appreciated.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven't already noticed, I'm trying to name all the episodes with song titles, preferably 60's pop or Motown. So if you have any ideas/suggestions along that line, feel free to chime in.

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Wow... Ben Long rocks the black hair.
I know, right? It really brings out his grey eyes. It also helps to distract from his unfortunate Pinnochio profile. /said with love

Now I kind of wish my founder had met him first, so I could have gotten his interesting (read: amusing) genes.
I agree about the dark hair for Ben - that makeover on him is fab. :D
I think it also helps that he doesn't have that weird spiky do that Maxis gave him. D:

Thanks for the comment! :)