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Episode Three: Baby Love

Previously on The Morrows:
Episode One//Episode Two

Episode Three: In which Amandine moves on after losing Joe, Broderic gets a baby sister, and Ben Long endears himself to his Sim God by being a nauseatingly cute step-dad.

Author's note: Ben Long will henceforth be referred to as "Benji," as author watched the special features of Knocked Up last night for the eleventyth time.

Carry on...

Last we left you, Benji was all, "Why meee?!"

Broderic for some reason shares this sentiment.

I'm pretty sure you all know by now what Sim labor looks like, so let's just skip to the baby:

AWWW! Meet Celina Morrow. She gets Papa Joe's (May he rest in peace.) skintone, and Amandine's hair and eyes.

Okay, Brod? NO! Bad Broderic! That's disturbing.

No one in the entire house will stop rolling friggin' wants to adopt a kitten or puppy, so I finally just give in. Hot animal control officer delivers the kitten. :D

:D :D :D Tumnus Morrow


Ben's actually a pretty good surrogate dad. I make him do things, but every once in a while, he takes it upon himself to feed the baby and change it automatically. *wipes away tear*

Am gets promoted to Substitute Teacher and earns $5000. As a reward, she gets a shiny new makeover later.

This is Pong King. Broderic brought him home from school. ...that's all I have to say about that. O__o

Okay, if you don't even like him, then why did you come home with him? Just to watch his mom pee?! YOU LITTLE FREAK! >:(

Can't. stand. the cuteness.

I'm reluctant to keep Amandine home, so I make my slave Benji call in sick.
Me: Ready, Benji?
Benji: "Like you say, darling, I'm an actor." (If you can name this quote, you will be my new best friend for life.)

I am literally getting cavities from the cuteness that is Benji and Celina. (Or maybe it's the cotton candy I had for breakfast...)

Amandine: Guess who got another promotion, bee-yotches?!
Where does this even come from? She's supposed to be a shy sim!

Birthday time for Celina!

Oh... O__o

She's really...cute?

Okay, that's a little better. You can't really tell, but I changed her hair to brown and fixed her eyebrows to something less caterpillar-esque.

Broderic: *ahem*

Random thought: I kind of wish I did this on my birthdays.

Brod: *+2,500 Aspiration points*
Am: Ho-hum.

POPULARITY: Become a Media Magnate He likes charismatic, gussied-up gals, but none of those creepy plantsims.

OMG, Celina, you better get real cute real fast, because this guy is kicking your ass all over the place in the heir race! :D

Meh. I guess she's a pretty child. Maybe I'm just biased. :\

Who among us can resist the head-to-toe bear pjs?

This is why I love him. His awesome tv faces:

Maybe that's why I have such a weakness for Benji. Just try not to giggle at the look on his face here:

Amandine: He might have YOU wrapped around his little finger, but I can't stand that little twerp!
Me: >:O

Popularity Sim at work!

You two are killing me!

Amandine gets another promotion and therefore another makeover. I'm not really crazy about this one. It kind of makes her look old. And slutty. :\

This picture is not to show you that Brod does his homework like a good little drone, but to show that I suck at decorating. It looks like the racetrack collection exploded in there.


Sure, why don't you taste some of our delicious food even though NO ONE HERE KNOWS YOU?

Benji: Okay, well, it sure was nice meeting you, but why don't you just mosey on now, feller...

Broderic makes himself useful by going to the micro-mall to get everyone some new clothes.

I go a little...I mean, he goes a little overboard and ends up spending $12,000. Small price to pay for a little fashion diversity, I say.

This shot is of no real relevance except to show that this is when I discovered cameraman mode.

Toddler Picspam! Subtitled: I HEART CAMERAMAN MODE.

Do I really need a caption here?

Tumnus grows up!


Just kidding! I don't know what the hell he was doing in that picture, actually.

Why is everyone hating on my Broderic these days?! Y'ALL ARE ALL JUST JEALOUS, HATAHS! >:(

Amandine: WOOT!
Me: What are we wooting about?

Am: I don't have to wipe this kid's butt anymore!
Me: Well, actually, Benji was doing most of the diaper-changing, you know.
Am: Irregardless--
Me: Also, irregardless is not a real word.
Am: IRREGARDLESS, there will be no more butt-wiping in this house. Well, except of the autonomous sort. But I think that goes without saying.
Me: ...let's not pursue this topic any further, shall we?

This is the headmaster. He's a gentle soul.

Time to whip out the cool shades...

Broderic: ...hey.'re like, bald.
Broderic: These things are aaaawesome.

I'll just insert this filler pic here, since the headmaster makes my game wet itself, and made it glitch like a sumbitch. Suffice it to say, we didn't get in. (And some of these pics may or may not be from alternate dimension timelines...ooooh!)

What the hell did he do to that cat?!

Me: Okay, I'd like some genetic diversity, so Am, it's time to sexx your live-in love.
Amandine: I thought you'd never ask.

If the TAB key was a man, I'd marry it. I love this shot.

Awww, that's so sweet! But, seriously, y'all, chop chop. Make the babies now.

Well, I'm glad you both enjoyed yourselves, but WHERE IS MY LULLABY?! >:(

Does anyone know of a hack that keeps Sims from being so idiotic with their espresso cups? I swear, they would walk a mile in order to set them down on end tables or desks. Never on say, a COUNTER. Or maybe even, dare I say it...the floor? :O


What's with the jazz hands?

Yes, annoying toddler stage completed! Uh, I mean...Happy Birthday, Celina!

Okay, she's gotten a little cuter, I suppose. Brod's still my favorite by a long shot, though.

And with that gap-toothed grin, I'll leave you 'til next time. :D

P.S. Would anyone be interested in seeing a doglacy? It would basically be a legacy, only with dogs (you case you didn't figure that out from the word "doglacy"). I wouldn't do it for a while; I'd at least want to wait until I'd gotten into the habit of posting regular updates of THIS legacy. But I was just wondering if that'd be something anyone would actually take time to look at, or if it's just something that would amuse me because I'm a dog person. :\
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